Joint Injections

Our philosophy at Advanced Remedy Center is to treat the whole person, rather than merely temporarily eradicating symptoms. We strive to offer holistic treatments, which can assist in pain management while enhancing your overall health.

Ozone Injections

Medical-grade Ozone is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction and is a permanent treatment for chronic pain. The treatment is a connective tissue injection therapy of Ozone gas which can aid in the reconstruction of damaged connective tissue around a joint to rebuild the damaged areas.

Because ozone is a gas, we do not have to inject it directly into the joint for it to be effective. It defuses in and around the joint and is attracted to inflammation, causing it to be drawn to the areas of injury or damage. The use of ozone causes the joint and muscle to heal much more quickly because ozone is a highly reactive molecule and when injected in a muscle or around a joint it is able to stimulate the fibroblastic repairing abilities. Ozone injections cause the repair and tightening of the lax structures, partially torn connective tissue, cartilage, muscles, and ligaments. Ozone halts the pain/inflammation cycle. This allows for better circulation, increased blood flow carrying nutrition, and hydration of the damaged tissues. This allows for a healing environment within the joint/muscle to develop and results in an increased range of motion and decreased pain.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy begins with the collection of the patient’s blood. The blood sample is placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other components of whole blood. We then inject the concentrated platelets into the site of the injury. Platelets function as a natural reservoir for growth factors that are essential to repair injured tissues. The growth factors that the platelets secrete stimulate tissue recovery by increasing collagen production, enhancing tendon stem cell proliferation, and tenocyte-related gene and protein expression. These growth factors also stimulate blood flow and cause the cartilage to become more firm and resilient. PRP activates tenocytes to proliferate quickly and produce collagen to repair injured tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles.

PRP technique has been in use for over 2 decades, especially in the surgical field where orthopedic surgeons have used PRP to enhance the pace of healing. Various research studies have suggested that utilization of PRP can offer valuable benefits in soft tissue injuries as well as degenerative bone conditions such as spinal disc degeneration or arthritis.

If you are suffering from either localized or referred pain, our nurse practitioner, Christopher Kirk Bailey, NP, is able to perform both trigger point injections as well as joint injections, which are safe and effective methods for alleviating your discomfort. Trigger point and joint injections not only reduce the symptoms but also address the cause of your pain.

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