Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy is widely used to supplement the effects of diminished hormone synthesis that naturally occurs with age. Bioiodentical hormones are compounds manufactured in a lab that have the exact same molecular structure as the hormones produced naturally by the human body. Delivering these hormones through pellet therapy provides consistency in the levels of hormone within the body in order to prevent fluctuations that occur with oral and topical therapy. Pellet therapy creates a “reserve” of hormones that your body can tap into when more hormones are needed on any particular day due to environmental, physical, or emotional stress, as compared to oral and topical hormone therapy that provide only fixed doses. The pellet is inserted into subcutaneous fat and your body creates a network of capillaries (tiny blood vessels) which creates immediate absorption whenever it is needed. This mimic’s your body’s natural ability to adjust hormone levels as needed.

Estradiol and testosterone bioidentical hormone therapy delivered subcutaneously improves bone density far better than oral or topical hormone replacement. Hormone pellet therapy not only prevents bone loss but actually increases bone density, and has been studied more on its positive effect on bone density more than the medications typically given for osteoporosis (biphosphanates). Estrogen given subcutaneously in pellet implant form supplies the body of the natural ratio of estradiol to estrone which helps to explain the reduced incidence of breast cancer when using bioidentical hormone pellets in comparison to synthetic hormones. The liver is bypassed through this route of application and the risk of thrombosis or possible clotting issues is prevented. Also, testosterone and estradiol given subcutaneously do not adversely affect glucose levels, liver function, lipid levels, or blood pressure.

Bioidentical hormone pellets are safer than synthetic hormones, like Prempro or synthetic Methyltestosterone, which increase the risk for breast cancer. Studies have shown that bioidentical pellets actually reduce the incidence of breast cancer with the implantation of testosterone pellets, with or without estradiol. Studies have also shown that 20 mg pellets of estradiol have shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer more than patients who are not utilizing hormone replacement therapy at all.

The delivery method of bioiodentical hormones through pellet implantation adequately improves the symptoms related to menopause in women and andropause in men. Women experience significant improvements in insomnia, hot flashes, palpitations, headaches, depression, aches, pains, irritability, sex drive, libido, and vaginal dryness. Men find significant improvements in energy levels, muscle tone, mental clarity and focus, increased lean body mass, increased libido, increased erectile function, decreased body fat, improved sleep patterns, improved cholesterol levels, improved insulin levels, reduced migraines, and decreased fatigue.

Bioidentical hormone pellets are safe, effective, and have an extremely low risk of adverse side effects with very high compliance rates.